Dr.M.H.M Rumie – Chairman – State Pharmaceuticals Corporation of Sri Lanka

Dr, Rumie has been the Managing Director, State Pharmaceuticals Corporation from January 2015 to December 2018 and from January 2019 he has been serving as the Chairman of the State Pharmaceuticals Corporation.

Dr. Rumie holds  an MSc and a PhD in Engineering Sciences, from National Technical University of Ukraine and his specialty, apart from more than 10 years higher managerial experience in a large business enterprise, is Computers, Computer Systems and Networks. He has also served as a Junior Lecturer at National Technical University of Ukraine.

During his tenure as the Managing Director of State Pharmaceuticals Corporation and presently as the Chairman of the Corporation, the SPC has increased its profits, employee benefits and has achieved a very positive improvement on the whole.

While functioning as the Chairman of State Pharmaceuticals Corporation, he also continues to shoulder many CSR projects.